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The Boscoartestenico path is open to visit for individuals, couples and families up to five memebers.
Over the 5 people accompaniment with booking and guided tour is mandatory

A gentle walk, easily accessible to all, in the surroundings of Stenico, the village dominated by a magnificent Castle in the Giudicarie Esteriori, will host the artwork realized on site by the artists invited to this event of contemporary art. The pieces will be placed alongside a trail in the wood, taking advantage of the different levels a forest can offer: the grass and the ground, the trunks, the branches. Sculptures and installations will begin a dialogue among themselves and with the public through the simbolic language of art. The path, ideally and physically joining the Stenico Castle, the botanic garden of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park and BoscoArteStenico, is going to form a unique itinerary merging Culture, Nature and Art in an environment of exceptional beauty.


Just above the village of Stenico, where you can appreciate the castle from, a comfortable walk, completely accessible to accompanied disabled people, will be the perfect way to come across the works left just where they have been made by artists – guests of this opportunity of close contact with contemporary art. As a matter of fact, the works will be scattered along a path in the wood, though situated on different ‘levels’ of it – grass, trunks, branches: intended to be both installations and sculptures inside trunks stuck on the ground, the works will communicate with each other and with visitors through the symbolic language of art.
The pattern linking the Castle of Stenico, the natural area Rio Bianco (Adamello-Brenta Park) and BoscoArteStenico will create a unique route inviting visitors to enjoy Culture, Nature and Art in a landscape background of extraordinary beauty.


the theme of this year

the 2022 edition of BoscoArteStenico exhibition invites artists to express themselves on the theme of "wind"

Typhoon, Zephyr, Boreas…..

Since ancient times, the wind, in its immaterial form, has been an important element in man’s history. 


From Greek mythology to our times, the wind has always been the expression of a destructive force, as well as of relief when the weather gets too hot. It is an invisible body that can only be perceived through its impact; a ghost of air that can be friend or foe. The wind: destroyer of forests, and force that drives the sails; engine of the climate, and generator of new clean energy… or simply a joyful sensation on our skin.

info for the ARTIST

2022 edition of BoscoArteStenico

Dear Artists, the new Boscoartestenico 2022 edition’s rules are online.

As in the passed editions this rules is divided in two sections: Wood sculptures and Land Art Installations.

The Contest will start sunday 2022 june 26th and will finish sunday 2022 july 3th.

Lets have the new edition with a big hope that the pandemy will be finish  and will be possibile moving with freedom.

Opposite, our Organization will select the best proposal ( Wood sculptures and installations)  calling the autor sto make them.

In this case we’ll provide for the selected artists the hospitality cost and an amount for the job.


We remember You that the timeline to sending  Your  purposes will be  2022 february 28th. 

You will find all the information you need to register and take part in the new edition of Boscoartestenico