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Past Editions

Bosco Arte Stenico 2014

A gentle walk, easily accessible to all, in the surroundings of Stenico, the village dominated by a magnificent Castle in the Giudicarie Esteriori, will host the artwork realized on site by the artists invited to this event of contemporary art. The pieces will be placed alongside a trail in the wood, taking advantage of the different levels a forest can offer: the grass and the ground, the trunks, the branches. Sculptures and installations will begin a dialogue among themselves and with the public through the simbolic language of art. The path, ideally and physically joining the Stenico Castle, the botanic garden of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park and BoscoArteStenico, is going to form a unique itinerary merging Culture, Nature and Art in an environment of exceptional beauty.

The theme chosen for the BAS 2014 edition is : EQUILIBRIUM (BALANCES).

With this term one can not only define a situation of harmony and balance, but also of one which can be suddenly shattered. A moment of peace and stability, or a sublime moment to create something. A value of stability and duration but at the same time of decline. Stillness in the right measure of opposing forces in a magical and unlikely suspension of gravity. The constant stability of the planets or the ephemeral position of an acrobat.
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