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Past Editions

Bosco Arte Stenico 2016

A gentle walk, easily accessible to all, in the surroundings of Stenico, the village dominated by a magnificent Castle in the Giudicarie Esteriori, will host the artwork realized on site by the artists invited to this event of contemporary art. The pieces will be placed alongside a trail in the wood, taking advantage of the different levels a forest can offer: the grass and the ground, the trunks, the branches. Sculptures and installations will begin a dialogue among themselves and with the public through the simbolic language of art. The path, ideally and physically joining the Stenico Castle, the botanic garden of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park and BoscoArteStenico, is going to form a unique itinerary merging Culture, Nature and Art in an environment of exceptional beauty.

For the 2016 year edition of BAS the topic chosen is ‘Water’.

This element is so present, so important in the location where the event will take place, that it has affected human life and it always will. Human beings are forged and born in water. Water is source of life, although recently it has turned to a way of escape and of death. It is an element rich in values and full of different aspects, think of a river, a sea, a cloud, rain, steam, fog, snow or ice. It changes its properties due to the laws of physics, it changes its values due to politics and economy. It is a source of energy, a working place, a place where to have fun and many other aspects. It is a place for real and fantasy creatures, such as fishes, tritons, jelly fish and sirens. Liquid water flowing into the river. Solid water covering the ground and lakes in winter. Light and unachievable water in the steam and in the clouds. Water cleans, treats, purifies and relaxes. It destroys and kills if ruined in its ways, but it nourishes and protects when respected. Holy element, necessary element, which requires to be saved and cured, metaphor for life and for a possible future.
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