"BoscoArteStenico” -Trentino Italia - Museum of Art in Nature
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La nosta associazione

It was in the Autumn of 2011 that in the woods above the village of Stenico, overlooking the famous castle, a photographer, an artist and a teacher were taking a walk. The beauty of the place and the view beneath them set off an idea in order to appreciate and make it known and loved to the public in general. Due to the nature of the work carried out by these people, a project which included beauty, history and aspect was a natural consequence.

So this place then became the home of BoscoArteStenico, a competition between visual artists, sculptors and creators of constructions of land art. The idea of inserting art, using only natural material, therefore is an integral part of this project of communication halfway between artistic culture and respect for the environment, a clear invitation to awareness and responsible use of the territory.

The manifestation and the creation of this artistic pathway, always open to the public, is also an invitation to two different types of artists, that is, one a more traditional kind using wooden sculptures, and another, more contemporary type of artist, using constructions created in the surroundings, to communicate with each other, putting them directly in comparison on opposite sides of the road in the woods.

The BoscoArteStenico association wants to construct, through future editions a type of “Art Museum in nature” , where the passing of time and nature itself will change the aspect of the works of art themselves, up until their natural decay.

The management of BoscoArteStenico is constituted of Maurizio Corradi the president, Paolo Dalponte and Elisabetta Doniselli artistic director.