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Past Editions

Bosco Arte Stenico 2017

A gentle walk, easily accessible to all, in the surroundings of Stenico, the village dominated by a magnificent Castle in the Giudicarie Esteriori, will host the artwork realized on site by the artists invited to this event of contemporary art. The pieces will be placed alongside a trail in the wood, taking advantage of the different levels a forest can offer: the grass and the ground, the trunks, the branches. Sculptures and installations will begin a dialogue among themselves and with the public through the simbolic language of art. The path, ideally and physically joining the Stenico Castle, the botanic garden of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park and BoscoArteStenico, is going to form a unique itinerary merging Culture, Nature and Art in an environment of exceptional beauty.

The chosen theme for the 2017 edition of Bosco Arte Stenico is “animals”.

Animals, owners of the woods or inhabitants of the world alongside men, who have often deprived them of their rightful space by confining them in metropolitan gardens, reserves or natural parks. Animals, who dialogue with men or are often frightened by them. Real animals often modified by fears and fantasies of human beings. Animals, building dens and burrows in order to live and nurture their cubs. Animals who hide and play with humans, alone or in herds, big or small, flying, crawling or climbing up trees. They are part of an unspoiled and primitive nature, capable of teaching balance and cleverness, yet often subdued and mistreated. Animals are the closest witnesses to mankind of this essential and valuable element.
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